12 ideas to use discounts, coupons, and deals to attract Customers and Boost Sales

02 October 2020

Just about anyone can put together an online store – but, how do you entice your customers and urge them to buy NOW and place repeat purchases? Here are a few pointers:

Flash sales: Flash sales are short, time bound sales often combined with a limited product stock which creates urgency in the minds of customers to buy now rather than later.

Free samples or low-priced products: You can ship your products directly to customers. Once they get used to the quality you offer, they will definitely be enticed to buy more.

Automated re-sales for replenishment: Selling products that are definitely require replenishment is an opportunity to automate and schedule remarketing campaigns to re-engage customers and encourage them to refill.

Multi-purchase deals: In this method, you can offer customers a deal if they purchase multiple products.

Exclusive or complementary cross-sells: Strategically position a product alongside the product a customer has in their shopping cart to improve or partner with it.

Bundle best-sellers with high margin products: You can take a small cluster of products, bundle them and offer them at a collective price which is cheaper than if a customer was to purchase each of them individually.

Limited time coupons or discounts: Urgency is a powerful psychological marketing tactic. Limited time coupons or discounts are very effective in creating this urgency.

Cross-platform selling: Along with your website, you can sell your products on social media, eBay, Amazon etc.

Live chat engagement: Live chat gives customers a feeling of immediate action. It definitely helps boost sales.

Get personal with recommendations: Personalized recommendations add to customer experiences and hence boost sales.

Run an influencer campaign: Consumers want to hear from people they idolize. It builds trust in the brand and products – hence boosts sales.

The sheer size of the opportunity is unlimited – you can imagine and execute innovative deals and discounts to keep your customers engaged and coming back for repeat purchases!

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