7 Fast, Easy and Effective ways to get first sales in 3 days using Lokaly

16 October 2020
7 Fast, Easy and Effective ways to get first sales in 3 days us

When it comes down to being quick and effective, there’s nothing that beats mobile. So, even for departmental stores and local stores, going online and moving from a physically present to a virtually available store is one of the easiest way to get quick sales.

Lokaly works in multiple ways. It offers an opportunity to create an online marketplace and manage transactions conveniently. How you manage your business on Lokaly is up to you. For customers, it’s an easy entry into your store and pick the products of their choice and checkout instantly. It’s all in all a great recipe to drive sales in three days!

Here are 7 fast and easy and effective ways to get your first sales using Lokaly in 3 days:

    1. Lokaly connects local businesses to customers who can quickly and easily place orders from their stores.
    2. Businesses can open a Khata for customers whom they wish to extend credit. The credit limit can be set for a particular time as well as amount.
    3. Store owners can quickly upload products or choose to import items from a master list.
    4. All transactions can be easily tracked by the store and the customer.
    5. Customers can open their apps and place orders from a particular departmental store.
    6. The store owner has the ability to accept or reject the orders based on store policy.
    7. Lokaly items are featured to thousands of customers in your city.

Lokaly is a gateway between you and your customers. It’s the one missing piece that puts together all the essentials that you need to grow your store and improve sales in a short period of time. It reduces both time and efforts to get customers through your door and to offer them the shopping experiences they will remember.