Absolute Must-Have Features in Top E-commerce Platforms in the USA

28 August 2020

Customers who once flocked to brick and mortar stores are now crowding online. Shops and departmental stores are ditched and smartphones have been embraced. Even bank payments are replaced with digital wallets. The rapidly changing digitization and customer behaviour patterns, shopping trends have changed too. Customers are bidding farewell to traditional shopping ways and more and more online platforms have emerged. Let’s take a look at the must have features in an online solution for e-commerce:

  • Expansion support: It is possible that your once loyal customers move to another store or site – it is essential to ensure that your e-commerce platform has the right features for expansion and features for what’s trending -and what will work in the future.
  • Mobile friendly: e-commerce platform – must be mobile friendly. If you are not on mobile, you may be out of business in the future. So, your e-commerce platform must include mobile friendly features. Users should be able to shop from a website and mobile equally.
  • Custom options: As opposed to generic store builder, e-commerce platforms must have customization options. This enables you to offer personalized experiences to customers for each store that is built on the platform.
  • Add on – features: Along with the built-in features, the e-commerce platform should also offer add on features which store owners could add and remove features as per their requirement. This kind of personalization will be a key differentiator while trying to win over customers.
  • Multiple integrations: The platform should offer an overall integrated and interconnected – smooth business flow. Product management and content management automated shipping flow and other easy integrations will allow a seamless workflow across multiple channels.
  • Security features: You must also check for security features for your e-commerce platform. SSL certificates, PCI compliant payment gateways and other security features are essential for developing an e-commerce platform.

Top e-commerce platforms offer businesses with lots of conveniences, ease to use, and quick to setup features!

Lokaly solution offers all these features that can provide your customers with an unmatched experience and easy to manage from the perspective of the owners.