How To Boost Your Sales During COVID -19?

13 August 2020

At a time when customers are hunkering down and not leaving the house, businesses are still struggling to reach out to their customers. There are businesses that took quick action and moved to an online model – but there are some still looking for viable solutions to boost sales during COVID-19 pandemic.

While your customers are locked – in, it is essential that businesses offer online solutions and go out of their way to reach them (where their customers are). It’s not only about placing your products online - and selling them.

  • Set up a Store at Lokaly - Since customers are homebound, the best way is to continue to sell them products online. Lokaly offers quick set up of online stores. Lokaly allows you to quickly upload your products, customize your store, and start selling!
  • Advertise your offerings - Once you have set up an online store, you can begin with letting your customers know. First, send out emails, messages to your existing and potential customers. Many customers will actually love the idea of their regular store to sell online and deliver products – especially during times of crisis like the COVID-19
  • Gift cards: One of the best ways to support your businesses in these times, is to offer customers gift cards that can be used online. With gift cards, businesses can increase cash flow. People pay in advance what they will buy later. Once a gift card is purchased, they will definitely make a purchase. Find the right platform that has features to enable gift cards.
When the times get tough – it’s time to change, make plans – and use technology to boost sales for your business. Many businesses are turning to online stores – and moving away from brick and mortar! Finding the right platform is the key to moving online!