How to set up a Branded B2B online store to beat your competitors using Lokaly?

04 September 2020

Ever since the world has been locked down, there has been a surge of businesses moving from physical stores to a completely online model of operation. The result? The competition has moved completely online. Every neighbourhood store and the local departmental store is finding ways and means to move online. The result? Many solution providers are trying to offer technology services that enable them to offer services online – as seamlessly as walking into a store, making a purchase, and walking out.

So, how do you set up a B2B online store?

There are a number of solutions available in the market – to go online. But if you are a B2B business, or a multi-brand, multi-store business, you need platforms that can specifically cater to your requirements. Some of the solutions like Lokaly can even help you set up at no cost. Ready solutions require very less time to go live.

How can Lokaly help set up your B2B online store?

Lokaly is your technology solution if you are dominating a locality in your geography, are a distributor or wholesaler for large product offerings, or are a multi-brand or multi-store business. You can offer digital access to your clients and customers via Lokaly.

  • You can define how you want to work with Lokaly
  • Choose your engagement model to run your own B2B or Marketplace.
  • Quickly set up your store online with minimum efforts
  • Quick turnaround time
  • The software is completely maintained by Lokaly.
  • The choice for using a one-time licensing model or monthly subscription model.
  • Ease of use and convenient for business

Lokaly offers businesses with a quick and easy way to get online and ensure that their business stays ahead in this fiercely competitive world!