Lokaly Admin Dashboard – A useful Tool to keep key details at hand

21 May 2021

Dashboards are essential admin tools that help you keep on top of everything that’s going on with your online store. They display all the data in a visual format that makes it easy to get a glimpse of everything that matters for your store.

Lokaly has an extensive dashboard with information on your orders, payments, overdue, customers, modes of payments and lots more.

Here are a few things you can check out instantly on the Lokaly dashboard:

Lokaly Statistics – This gives you the numbers that indicate the number of stores you have in this marketplace, the total items, and the earnings. At a glimpse information of all these give you as owners a good understanding of where you stand as far as your store is concerned.

Order statistics – The order statistics offers useful information about the total number of orders that are pending, those that are currently running, those that are completed, and even those that are cancelled.

Payment modes – payment modes tells you which customers have paid by which methods. The methods available are:

  • Add to credit account
  • Cash on delivery
  • Online payment
  • Card on delivery

Order count by the hour – This section offers you with the information such as the order count, amount and items count.

Credit account – A credit account can keep track of the store credits that have been offers and to whom and also tells you which payments are overdue.

Last orders – These statistics tells you the last few orders that were placed with your store.

With a dashboard, you can monitor and measure your business performance by tracking data points and gives you valuable insights into everything that you need to know. This gives you data to base your future business strategies on.