Lokaly announces the launch of its Apps for the Ahmedabad markets

25 July 2019

June 29, 2019, Ahmedabad: Lokaly, a place that helps build stronger bond between buyers and sellers online, announced the launch of its apps for Ahmedabad market. With Lokaly, it’s possible to create an online marketplace and manage transactions with great ease. It builds a gateway between businesses and their customers. A business can showcase their products to thousands of buyers across the city. Another important feature is the ‘Khata’ system or a digital ledger cash book. Buyers can conveniently buy from their favourite stores within their vicinity.


With Lokaly, sellers can:

  • Create a marketplace online within a very short period of time and reach out to your customers. This enhances communications with existing customers and hence increases sales.

  • Ability to manage a khata or a ledger for each of the customers.

  • Loyalty is the mantra for all businesses and the khata system encourages loyalty among the existing customers.

  • Customers can conveniently shop online – offering enriched customer experiences.

Lokaly is also available as a mobile app and can be used with Android or iOS. It enables businesses to tap into the most valuable customer base – the one they can reach conveniently via mobiles. Lokaly empowers businesses to provide their customers with greater engagement and exceptional experiences while interacting with them.

“Lokaly addresses the most important aspect of the Indian seller – TRUST. It helps organize your business and offers your business with opportunities to scale!” said the Co-Founder & CEO on this occasion.

Buyers who regularly purchase at a particular store need not run around looking for the products they frequently require. All they need to do is open a ‘khata’ on Lokaly and their favourite products can be delivered to them seamlessly – along with maintaining the account of your payables!

With customer experiences growing in importance, and customer convenience becoming a priority, apps like Lokaly are definitely a future ready solution for the retail industry!