Lokaly App – Strong Bond Between Buyers & Sellers

13 November 2019

Your biggest asset in business will be your regular customers. To win a new customer is difficult enough – but to retain existing ones and build a strong bond with them is quite another task. Especially when your store is an online store, ensuring returning customers and building long term relationships is a task in itself.

This is where apps like Lokaly step in. Lokaly enables businesses to build a strong bond with their customers. It offers customers the convenience of purchasing items based on a Khata system, wherein they can purchase items from your store and an entry is made in an online ledger for that particular purchase. The customer is given a time frame and a credit limit to make the payment.

The benefits of such a system are multifold:

  • It instills a sense of trust between the customer and the business. Since the business trusts the customer to make the payment for a purchased product at a later date, the customer feels valued too and will definitely come back for more purchases.
  • Businesses benefit from instant sales. Once the item is sold and delivered – rest assured that the payment will come. This improves sales and helps the business grow.
  • Since customers find it convenient to buy – without having to pay instantly, they perceive your online store as a preferred destination for all their purchases. The pressure of making an instant payment is gone.
  • Customers may not remember how your store looked, but will always remember how they ‘felt’ while shopping there. Khata system offered by Lokaly will definitely enhance customer experiences.

The Lokaly App enables online stores to build a strong bond between the buyers and the sellers while empowering businesses to build better customer experiences – hence improving sales!