Lokaly App – Trust in Buyer Seller Relationships

01 October 2019

In any business relationship – trust is everything. If there is no trust, there is no transaction. There cannot be any sales. Customers do not trust a product – they trust the business – the brand name that is selling the product.

This trust, however, is not gained overnight. It needs to be slowly and steadily built – one customer at a time, converting that customer into a returning customer and then into a regularly returning customer. Well, if gaining a new customer is difficult, so is retaining an old one. Especially for online stores, it is crucial.

What is Lokaly and how can it help?

Lokaly offers one such innovative way to build trust in buyer seller relationships. With Lokaly, you can manage customers and sales with a simplified payment method called as ‘khata’.

A khata is a ledger system where businesses can enroll their regular customers and enter each of their purchases. The seller will need to enter a credit limit in terms of time as well as amount and the buyer will need to abide by the rules of the store. It is simply convenient for both the buyer and the seller.

What’s more important than convenience?

More important than convenience is the trust that the buyer places in the seller by extending credit. It automatically instills a sense of belonging to the store – hence enhancing buying experiences. This trust goes a long way while creating customer experiences. It is more powerful than any marketing or sales technique you may use.

Lokaly and the khata system ensures that the buyers and sellers are engaged in a two way trust that enables businesses to capitalize on the existing customer base and convert them to loyal customers.

Lokaly is available for download on iOS as well as Android. Download it for your online store and see the difference!