Lokaly: customer application for orders

16 March 2020
Lokaly Customer Application for Orders

The whole world has been locked down and everyone’s at home, working from home, shopping from home and expecting their groceries and essential items to be delivered to them – at home. The COVID19 has definitely disrupted the local business. Local businesses can either lockdown themselves – OR look at this as an opportunity to get their goods to their customers! Many businesses have already taken the opportunity to quickly set up a mCommerce store and keep their businesses running.

Well, as for customers – they are always on the lookout for stores that are willing to deliver their purchases at home.

Lokaly is one such mobile commerce application where customers can connect to their preferred sellers and easily purchase the products they require. It’s easy to simply log in to a mobile app – pick your favorite store from the Lokaly marketplace and select products to be delivered.

- Your business is online (or mobile) within a few minutes

- Your customers can create an account and connect to their favorite local stores

- They can select items and place orders instantly

- Social distancing is maintained – as no one needs to enter your store.

- The product payments are handled online

- It’s perfect in this time of crisis – both for the business and for its customers

- You not only maintain your existing customers but with proper marketing, you can capture new customers too.

No doubt, the times are tough, but there isn’t doubt either that there will be opportunities for businesses who are willing to take them. Your customers need to simply download the app, and select your store, select the items and check out! Lockdown does not necessarily mean – locked out of business!

The Lokaly App is available on Android as well as on iOS. For more information and assistance with setting up your store – visit www.lokaly.in