Lokaly – the Super App for the Hyperlocal

06 May 2021
Lokaly – the Super App for the Hyperlocal

Lokal stores form a high percentage of local businesses – anywhere in the world. These local stores offer a simple approach, friendly customer service, and hassle free buying experiences. Many times, these local stores also offer door-step delivery, easy pick-up, and emotional attachment with the local residents within that particular area.

But, ever since the pandemic shut the world down in early 2020, local stores were the first to shut down. These local stores such as grocery, vegetable and fruit stores, and pharmaceutical stores were the first to get impacted as customers couldn’t go out and they had no immediate means to go online to take orders and deliver goods. This is exactly where Lokaly can help.

Lokaly ensures that customers get easier access to their favourite stores and adhere to the safe distancing rules by making online payments too.

Now where businesses are moving towards delivering the best customer experience with the help of Advanced technology. Using Artificial Intelligence or AI it is possible. Different form of AI provides predictive analysis, understands customer’s behaviour and shopping patterns. Based on that businesses can sense and predict their customer’s needs accurately on very large scale.

Lokaly is implementing AI-based Dashboard that help businesses to understand their customers, sales and order pattern more efficiently.
  • Top products sold via Lokaly
  • Products ordered together
  • Products peak hours where it sold the most
  • Days of the week product X sold most
  • Top reordered products

This is how Lokaly - Super App help their sellers to provide new kind of customer service and sell based on proven future trends and analytics.