Manage Your Online Khata For Your Business using Lokaly Application

23 December 2019

The quality of a buyer – seller relationship is measured by trust. That said, trust takes time to build and especially in a business environment, trust is built over a number of interactions and consistently fulfilling obligations. This is true in both traditionally managed businesses and completely online businesses too.

Lokaly is one way for businesses to build customer relationships - by extending credit to buyers with the help of a ‘khata’ system. Sellers can create ‘khatas’ that are used to manage credits where buyers can buy goods from your online store and maintain a ledger for payments. The whole system works on TRUST which is a very important aspect for conducting business. Lokaly also helps organize your business and increase your opportunity to scale.

Here’s how you can manage your online khata for your business:

  • Open a khata for a customer to whom you have extended credit. You can also set a credit limit in terms of amount and time.
  • You can add items to the list or customize the list as per requirements.
  • All transactions can be tracked and managed by viewing the khata entries.
  • Your customers can place orders at your store directly from the app and their payment amount gets added to the credit (khata).
  • Store owners also have the ability to accept or reject orders based on the store policy.

Online market places are seeing a dramatic change in the way they create customer (buyer) experiences. It’s no longer simply about creating an ecommerce store and selling stuff. Customer interactions and expectations from the online store matter more than ever. With extending credit, sellers make payment processes easy. Buyers understand that they can get their products very conveniently and worry free. All they need to do is manage their khata well!

In a world where customer experiences are given way more weightage than anything else, khata system could be the boost that your business requires to scale and grow!