Manage Your Online Khata in Your Local Business using Lokaly App

18 January 2020

Capitalizing on the local market is the key. Once you have captured a loyal local customer base, scaling your business becomes easy. Managing a local customer base is completely different from managing a global customer base. The experiences you create for local customers should be more personalized.

When customers buy from a local store, they get habituated to a certain style of shopping. For example, most of the local stores offer their customers ease of delivery, easy payment methods, store credits and extended credits – which they can pay in the future within stipulated timelines. Online apps usually struggle with offering such experiences like the brick and mortar stores. The closest they could get is making payments easy – until the rise of the online ‘khata’ system.

The online khata

Apps such as Lokaly offer online stores with the ability to manage their stores and local customers with an online khata wherein customers can buy from your store with a store credit. You as a store owner can create such khatas for your most loyal customers and extend credit with a time limit and an amount cap.

A sense of trust

When you extend store credit and allow customers to buy now and pay in bulk later, it gives customers a feeling of being ‘trusted’. This is the basis for building long term relationships – a very important aspect in local businesses.

Simplifying business to beat the competition

With the khata system, your business will experience structured operations and you will be able to better manage customer relationships. Building long term relationships is the key to staying ahead of the competition.

With khata management with apps like Lokaly, you can avail maximum benefits in the local market – if implemented with care and used effectively to manage your customers.