mCommerce Is the Future & Lokaly Will Keep You Ready for It

19 January 2021
mCommerce Is the Future & Lokaly Will Keep You Ready for It

eCommerce has been around for quite some time now, but mCommerce has recently taken a dominating place. Mobile internet usage has exceeded desktop usage by 51% and over two-thirds of the world population owns a smartphone. As more and more people adopt smartphones, mobile commerce too accounts for a significant portion of the eCommerce market.

Evidently, mobile commerce or mCommerce is the future and businesses are hopping on the bandwagon to take advantage of this exponential growth. Well, the Majority of the customers are spending more and more time on mobile phones and mCommerce is the one way businesses can reach them – directly.

How can Lokaly keep you ready for a mobile future?

Lokaly is a mCommerce platform which enables store owners to quickly and conveniently create a mobile store and start selling! Moving from brick and mortar stores to a mobile commerce store was a huge challenge – simply because creating a strong and robust backend and a ready to use frontend was both times consuming and pricy. Many local stores and businesses hesitated to even think about the mobile option. But, Lokaly eliminates any hesitation the users may have while taking the leap from bricks to clicks.

Lokaly enables local departmental stores to quickly go mobile and reach out to their mobile customers. It also has convenient features for maintaining a khata (credit) for regular customers.

There’s no doubt that mobile is the future – not only for eCommerce but also for all businesses. The sooner businesses work on mobile solutions the better prepared they will be for the future. If you are a local business looking for a ready mobile commerce solution, take a look at our ready to go live product – Lokaly!