How to develop a mCommerce marketplace app like Lokaly?

28 April 2020
How to develop a mCommerce marketplace app like Lokaly

Times are uncertain. Times are challenging – but one thing is certain – until we have innovation in our heads, there’s no time or place that can constrain us. When the whole world is locked down, can your store still engage customers? In a contactless world, can you really sell anything? The answer is – if you are a store, who can develop a mCommerce marketplace, you can engage with your customers and keep your business running too.

Given that most of the customers are now at home and most of them are looking for ways to get daily items – without having to go to the store, and most of the people are on their laptops or mobiles, - a mCommerce store is the perfect solution to your crisis.

Ready to use and easily customizable solutions like Lokaly marketplace apps are what most businesses are using. Here’s how Lokaly can help you with instantly building an online store (mobile) so that you can sell.

- It gives you a DIY platform where you can directly upload your products

- You can begin selling from day ONE!

- No specialized coding skills required.

- You can easily subscribe and bring your products back to the market.

- It has easy accounting and easy payment methods

- If you already have a great hold in a particular market or geography, it allows you to gain more customers.

If you are a fruits and vegetable store, or grocery store, restaurant, pharmacy or laundry services, or dairy – you can easily set up your store and plan your sales – and deliveries in a contactless manner (minimize contact as much as possible).

If you are looking for mCommerce platform that can keep you going – when there seems to be no one buying as much – visit