Mobile Commerce Facts: How to use them to boost your business?

20 August 2020

By the year 2021, mobile commerce sales are expected to by 54% of the total eCommerce sales. Growing at a rate of 33.8%, M-Commerce sales are projected to reach $3.56 trillion by 2021. M-commerce is definitely one of the channels that businesses are adopting quickly to boost sales.

So, how do we reap the benefits of this growth? How to use M-Commerce for your business? Here are a few places to begin with:

Mobile sites

Get a super-fast, lightweight mobile website. It will work seamlessly on all devices and keep your customers engaged.

Optimized content

While working with mobile commerce, make sure that you optimize your content and images to fit various screen sizes. It offers users a great user experience to have a seamless interface across all devices.

Simple search and navigation

One of the reasons mobile commerce is popular is because it offers ease of buying for the users. When developing a mobile commerce solution, make sure that users can reach where they want to as fast as they want to with simple search and navigation.

Product views

Make sure that your products are displayed well and can be seen via a small screen too. It will help boost sales.

PWA Stores

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – meaning the apps look, feel and work as mobile apps and work best on entry-level devices as well as on poor connections.

In built marketing tools

Many mobile commerce solutions have built-in marketing tools that you can use to maximize your marketing ROI. You can offer multi-level personalized discounts too. Retargeting abandoned carts with auto follow up is essential.

Social media

It is easy to integrate various social media platforms and offer your buyers with social sharing coupons using the inbuilt discount engine to gently push customers to buy from you.

Mobile commerce is a natural progression of eCommerce and in the coming years, mobile commerce sales will definitely exceed the regular sales. It is essential that businesses implement eCommerce and mobile commerce solutions today to reap the benefits in the coming years.

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