Multi-Store feature for your Lokaly Stores

23 December 2020
Multi-Store feature for your Lokaly Stores

Lokaly’s multi-store feature enables local businesses to operate multiple stores within a single panel. Sellers can personalize many aspects of each of the stores and control the access for each of the websites separately. This feature allows you to publish multiple eCommerce stores from a single product database. Store owners can target niche markets, carve out special offerings from their products, and publish special products on each store.

Here are some of the ways in which Lokaly can offer multi-store configuration:

  • Single Dashboard: Store owners can manage multiple stores efficiently using a single dashboard. Use a single database to allocate products, deals, discounts, shipping, and payment gateways to multiple stores.
  • Store-specific catalogue: Store owners can store specific catalogues to target various customer segments. Users can allot different products to each storefront effortlessly.
  • Price Overrides by store: The price override functionality based on stores and list the same products at different prices depending on the location or the deal offered at each store.
  • Store Selection: The store selection feature is available based on customer preferences.
  • Store Specific Discounts: Owners can offer store specific discounts to attract more customers on each store separately. Set up and track different discounts for each of the stores.
  • Store specific coupon codes: Create unlimited coupon codes for each store using the coupon code generator. Store owners also get the ability to create flash sales.
  • B2B: You can add B2B features like multi-seller to create more flexibility.
  • Diverse currency and language: Owners also get the ability to select different languages and currencies for each store.
  • Different payment gateways: Store owners can offer multi-store shopping carts with different payment gateways based on the geographical location of customers.

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