Set up offers and discounts for your Restaurant in Lokaly

28 May 2021

The restaurant business is hyper-local and the lockdown made them close shop and depend on take away orders for sustaining. Not many restaurants were prepared for an online model of operation. But, with the pandemic and the lockdown that followed, it became imperative for restaurants to take the leap and go online quickly. This is exactly where Lokaly can help:

Instant setup

Lokaly helps quickly set up an online restaurant that can instantly enable you to reach out to your customers. Take-away and food delivery options help keep these restaurants afloat even in times of crisis. Restaurants can create an online food ordering system and share their latest menu items with customers.

Discounts and offers

One way to ensure customer loyalty is to offer special offers and discounts on various items on the menu. The Lokaly app enables you to quickly set up discounts and offers. You can update combos, bestsellers, enable users to find various cuisines, and get a restaurant list by selecting cuisines.

Attract new customers & keep the old

Discounts and offers not only attract new customers but also help retain the existing ones. Further, they offer a great means to give value to customer’s money. Discounts not only add to the overall customer experience but also help boost sales and improve your engagements with customers.

Lokaly offers restaurants the one ingredient that could enable you to not only go from a brick and mortar model to an online model with great features to support better customer experiences and drive more sales – even in times of crisis. Customers tend to trust their regular restaurants and seeing your mobile application that offers all their favourite menu items for online order placement will definitely create a positive impact and drive more sales.

Get your restaurant online instantly with Lokaly!