Set up your Restaurant with Lokaly

17 November 2020

Local businesses are the ones that took the initial hit of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Restaurant businesses especially thrive on the number of customers that walk into the door. The situation demanded that businesses make themselves more accessible to customers and serve their needs. This is only possible by offering easy ordering services, safe distancing and online payments and such features that keep customers in touch with your business.

Setting up a restaurant online and reaching out to customers is the key to keep business afloat during times of crisis. Lokaly is one of the online spaces where local businesses such as restaurants can quickly setup shop and begin serving their customers.

With Lokaly, restaurants can:

  • Create an online food ordering system and reach out to customers with their latest menu updates and food inclusions.
  • You can update special offers and discounts too.
  • Quick price update and quick customization as per your business needs.
  • The UI is user friendly and adds to the user experience.
  • You can update combos, bestsellers, enable users to find various cuisines and get restaurant list by selecting cuisines.
  • Reorders are possible too
  • Pickup and delivery of food is made easy.
  • Users can even rate and review a restaurant

When it comes to hyper local businesses such as restaurants, trust plays a very important role and restaurants can benefit by taking charge of the situation and keeping customers well informed about their opening hours as well as their newly added online food delivery services. Customers to understand and trust a familiar name and it will help you not only keep your existing customers, but also create an entirely new avenue for customers to come flooding in – the mobile way!

Get your restaurant online instantly with Lokaly!