The Cost of setting up a Lokaly Store

09 October 2020
The Cost of setting up a Lokaly Store

It seems overwhelming – to take an entire store online. But, that’s just it. It’s not as overwhelming as it seems. The cost is one of the major factors that make mobile and web stores seem out of reach for small businesses and local departmental stores. This is exactly where Lokaly can help. Lokaly empowers sellers to derive maximum benefits from the Digital movement. Local departmental stores can easily go online within a few clicks and set up their mobile presence. This takes their products right into the hands of customers.

The good part is, the pricing is seller friendly. If you wish to take your store online with Lokaly, there are a number of ways to make this possible. Firstly, choose what kind of store you would like to set up. Here’s what Lokaly has to offer to make your transition online less daunting in terms of the price you pay for the technology and software.

Lokaly is a ready to use mobile store where departmental stores can easily create their stores and serve their local customers. Here are the pricing models For B2C:

  • No Set-Up Cost
  • No Commission on Orders
  • No Transaction Fee
  • No Restriction on Features
  • No Minimum Commitment
  • No Infrastructure Cost
  • No Maintenance Cost
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Staff Users

Lokaly is a complete package for those who wish to start quick and sell fast. It is based on a subscription model and allows users to pay as they use. It has customizable features and can be made to look unique for every store that is created.

In times of crisis – when the whole world is ‘at home’ and there is a tinge of fear to venture out into the streets, departmental stores took the initial hit. Lokaly is one way to take your products to your customers – especially since they cannot come to you!