Turn Your local store into mCommerce business

10 April 2020
Turn your local store into mCommerce business

Uncertainty has struck hard in the business world with businesses locked down and people at home with limited resources to work. The only businesses that will survive and bounce back are those that find innovative ways of staying connected with their customers and offer them services that they can - online.

This is where businesses need to think about their readiness to go mobile. Lokaly is doing its part by offering all its services for free of cost for the next 3 months. You can make your shop online in less than 5 mins and cater to your Customers by doing Home delivery. Lokaly allows you to sell your products online to existing and new customers. It is a digital marketplace that gives you access to a wider Customer base.

With Lokaly, you can turn your local store into a mobile commerce business within a few clicks and keep your business running – with minimum contact.

Here’s how!

- Lokaly is DIY – you do not need any coding skills to create a mCommerce store.

- If you are a local store with a stronghold in the locality, it gives you an opportunity to grow

- You can instantly subscribe and begin uploading your products to the mCommerce marketplace

- Lokaly comes with various payment options integrated. You can deliver your products with the least possible contact.

- It keeps you in business – even when the world is @home

Well, only those local businesses that think differently will be able to survive and come out successful when the lockdown is called off and things get back to BAU (Business As Usual). But, for that to happen, local stores must think about how to serve their customers while complying with the rules of the lockdown too!