Product Overview

Transforming Khata
Management – For You

Here's how it works

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Register Store

You just visit the webpage to Register as a Seller and get started once your Store is approved

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Manage Customers

Loyal Customers are your first bet and you can add them as per the plan chosen in the Registration

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Sell Items

You are provided a standard list and you add or remove items at will from this list based on your offering

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Manage Khata

Credit offering makes a delighted Customer and you can build a better trusted policy now

Smartphone App

Lokaly is the App for you as a Seller to avail the maximum benefit of the Digital India movement. Using this App, you will start a journey with your trusted Buyers and create the WOW factor for them. Your business operations will surge towards a structured and simpler approach to relationship building a beat the competition. The Lokaly App will show you early returns on the investment and that is the key to digital business process today!

Lokaly Smartphone Application

Why Sellers trust our solution?

Lokaly Record transactions

Record Transactions

Each sale is now in digital form and provides the ease of improving and increasing the business in just a few months

Lokaly Credit/Debit History

Credit/Debit History

Gone are the days of scribbling on the notebooks and flipping pages for maintaining the Khata for each Customer

Lokaly Reports


Numbers for the day, week, month or year – that provide you with as overall view of how your business is growing

Lokaly Payment Reminders

Payment Reminders

Easy to operate notifications to your Customers on “ready-for pick-up” and “due for payment” kind of actions

Lokaly Customer Details

Setup Credit Limit

Managing the limits for each Customer will ensure that you don’t oversell to any Customer in a period

Lokaly Multi Language Support


Your App in your local language is the mantra that is offered and it makes life easy for you and your staff members