When you are a local business, you have a regionally marked territory and seldom get customers beyond a certain point. Every store has one-time customers and then there are regulars – who order weekly or monthly. It’s a great business model and a very certain business strategy. But, with all that, there are still limitations on how you can retain customers as well as gain new ones. Local stores are rarely a monopoly – there is always competition in the vicinity. So, how do you ensure that your customers get the ‘delight’, the ‘ease’, and the ‘convenience’ that a local store can or must offer?

Well, Lokaly has the answer to this plea. Lokaly is an E-Commerce application for local departmental stores and businesses. Stores can easily create their account, and avail all the features – just like a mobile app would.

  • You just visit the webpage to Register as a Seller and get started once your Store is approved
  • Loyal Customers are your first bet and you can add them as per the plan chosen in the Registration
  • You are provided a standard list and you add or remove items at will from this list based on your offering
  • Choose to Approve the order or give an additional Discount to your Customers easily before delivery or pick-up.

Each sale is now on a digital platform. The seller can then introduce a khata system where loyal customers receive store credit. You can also check analytics to understand how your business is going. The app also has integrated features for payment reminders and ready for pickup notifications.

Once the decision is made – to move from bricks to clicks, it’s just about choosing the right platform for setting up your online or mobile store!