As technology advances, customer demands for the latest tech increase too. For businesses, keeping up with the latest tech trends ensures that you can give your customers what they want. It also help retain a competitive edge and embrace the fast-paced changes to stay relevant in the industry. If your business does not keep up with the changing technology, you face the risk of being left behind.

Here are a few ways in which you can keep your business up to date with the latest technology:

Be prepared

It is essential to offer you’re your customers with products and services built with the latest technology. Innovating and improving products and services with the latest technology prepares your business for the future. Web technology, Mobile applications and new features such as AI, VR and AR can dramatically add value to customer experiences.
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Follow trends

Technology update is not a one-time thing. It keeps evolving. New trends are constantly around the corner. Having all this information gives you an insight into what you should include in your business growth strategies. Following latest trends will ensure that you are ready for what the future may bring in terms of technology.


Check out the competition

With competition getting fiercer, it is getting more and more important to understand what technology are others in a similar business using. This will ensure that you and offering similar or better services to your customers with advanced technology solutions. Checking out the competitors will help you strategize better about your tech strategy.

Keeping your business updated with the latest technology is beneficial in many ways. It enables businesses to offer better services to their customers and stay relevant in a fiercely competitive business world. Latest technology will ensure that your business is future ready.

As smartphones become more accessible and high-speed internet is no longer a premium infrastructure in many countries, users are now directly connected to the internet. This easy access to the internet has given a boost to mobile shopping. Many brands are hence embracing mobile commerce on top of the eCommerce platforms. Shopping apps with easy to browse catalogs are becoming more and more popular.

The emergence of mobile commerce changes how brick and mortar businesses operate. It’s important to note that mobile commerce growth is steadily increasing hitting an estimated $284 billion or 45% of eCommerce at the end of 2021. The mobile payments market is also catching on. This means that the likelihood of people making mobile purchases on their smartphones is also huge.

Wide audience

The sheer number of mobile users is reason enough to motivate businesses to embrace eCommerce and introducing mobile shopping as a part of their sales strategy.

Enhanced user experience

Use experience is one of the main reasons for increased conversions. Various technologies can be used like AR that makes shopping experiences more immersive and interesting.

Customer support availability

With the aid of a chatbot and messenger app, business owners can support their customers even outside business hours. Customer support bots have grown in intelligence and intuitiveness making these bots more efficient in dealing with common queries.

Variety of payment methods

Customers have a number of payment methods when it comes to M-commerce. Whether it is a conventional credit card or PayPal, it can be integrated into the mobile store.

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With the entire world owning some or the other kind of mobile devices, businesses cannot afford to not have a mobile strategy. Mobile shopping is definitely becoming popular by the day and most businesses are reaping the benefits from going mobile!

Today, it’s hard to imagine shopping without the help of ratings and reviews about the products and services. According to consumer research conducted by Deloitte and Touche LLP, the majority of shoppers (around 75%) use reviews to discover and evaluate products. From food and beverage and apparel, to health and beauty, reviews play an important role in the buying process for customers.

Ratings and reviews impact everything

Shoppers today not only view ratings before they make a purchase, but also leave a review after they have purchased and used a product. Studies show that the number of reviews submitted increased nearly 11% year over year since 2019. With reviews, shoppers are not only converting faster, but are known to spend more money too. This lift in revenues per visitor has seen a steep rise in recent years. But, increasing sales and profits aren’t the only thing that reviews can improve for your business. Brand retailers have reported that reviews have an impact beyond the product pages online. Many times a good review directly converts into increased in-store sales too.

Ratings and reviews help shoppers make informed and confident purchases

A vast majority of shoppers research products online before going to the store to purchase them. Consumers often turn to ratings and reviews when they are in the decision making phase of the final purchase. Reading a positive review from an existing customer gives them the confidence that the product they chose is working well for others too. Studies have also shown that reviews have the ability to influence consumers to buy a more expensive product than they had planned.

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Negative reviews and low ratings

You may be surprised to find that it’s not only the positive reviews that influence purchases. Many shoppers say that negative reviews are just as important in their decision to buy. It helps them build a pros and cons list (mentally, subconsciously) and the final decision to buy a product is based on complete information. This increases their confidence in their purchase and your product.

Having reviews displayed on your site is a great first step to winning over your customers. It improves one of the most valuable assets a business can have in today’s retail landscape – trustworthiness.

Developing an excellent product and a great sales strategy is only half the battle won for a business. Providing good customer support after you have sold a product is also important. Shopping is not merely a transaction – the entire experience counts. By providing excellent customer support you can offer your customers better experiences while shopping with your brand. Shoppers that ‘feel good’ while making a purchase, will definitely be back for more.

There are 4 key reasons why customer support is important for your online business

  • It adds value to your product
  • It increases customer retention leading to recurring revenue
  • Results in positive brand image
  • Boosts employee moral
  • Adds value to your brand

What exactly is good customer support and why is it essential?

Customer support empowers customers through the entire purchasing process and post purchase experiences. It helps you better assist customers who are interested in purchasing your product by offering quick and accurate answers. Next, it is also useful during the purchasing process. You can provide customers with orders, errors while placing orders, or provide better package tracking details. Lastly, you can offer customers with support if they face any issues post purchase. You can make cancellations and returns easy to process or offer the ability to exchange faulty products.

A good product or service can only get you so far. If you add good customer support to the equation, the value of your offering as well as your brand instantly increases. It also has the potential to reduce negative reviews. This added value translates to increased revenue and customer retention.

With customer support, businesses can offer a lot more than sales transactions. You can give them a reason to love your products and your business!

“Restaurants are Looking Beyond…”, says an article by The Economic Times. Restaurants are now adopting platforms that charge lesser commission fees compared to dominant food aggregators. Asking for high commission and masking consumers’ data, restaurants are moving to marketplace-based platforms. These changes (aka savings from hefty commission %) will be rewarded to consumers as discounts on their online orders. This is going to enable a more modest and effective model – Direct to Consumer (D2C).

When businesses opting for ready-made solutions, where they can save cost, get access to their consumers’ data and manage online business easily. Lokaly is a ready-made and transparent solution for small to large businesses. Lokaly has partnered with 30+ restaurants based in Ahmedabad. Also, Lokaly has developed solutions for some famous brands in the USA. Lokaly provides free trial and support to sellers to know the platform better.

eCommerce has been around for quite some time now, but mCommerce has recently taken a dominating place. Mobile internet usage has exceeded desktop usage by 51% and over two-thirds of the world population owns a smartphone. As more and more people adopt smartphones, mobile commerce too accounts for a significant portion of the eCommerce market.

Evidently, mobile commerce or mCommerce is the future and businesses are hopping on the bandwagon to take advantage of this exponential growth. Well, the Majority of the customers are spending more and more time on mobile phones and mCommerce is the one way businesses can reach them – directly.

How can Lokaly keep you ready for a mobile future?

Lokaly is a mCommerce platform which enables store owners to quickly and conveniently create a mobile store and start selling! Moving from brick and mortar stores to a mobile commerce store was a huge challenge – simply because creating a strong and robust backend and a ready to use frontend was both times consuming and pricy. Many local stores and businesses hesitated to even think about the mobile option. But, Lokaly eliminates any hesitation the users may have while taking the leap from bricks to clicks.

Lokaly enables local departmental stores to quickly go mobile and reach out to their mobile customers. It also has convenient features for maintaining a khata (credit) for regular customers.

There’s no doubt that mobile is the future – not only for eCommerce but also for all businesses. The sooner businesses work on mobile solutions the better prepared they will be for the future. If you are a local business looking for a ready mobile commerce solution, take a look at our ready to go live product – Lokaly!

When you are a local business, you have a regionally marked territory and seldom get customers beyond a certain point. Every store has one-time customers and then there are regulars – who order weekly or monthly. It’s a great business model and a very certain business strategy. But, with all that, there are still limitations on how you can retain customers as well as gain new ones. Local stores are rarely a monopoly – there is always competition in the vicinity. So, how do you ensure that your customers get the ‘delight’, the ‘ease’, and the ‘convenience’ that a local store can or must offer?

Well, Lokaly has the answer to this plea. Lokaly is an E-Commerce application for local departmental stores and businesses. Stores can easily create their account, and avail all the features – just like a mobile app would.

  • You just visit the webpage to Register as a Seller and get started once your Store is approved
  • Loyal Customers are your first bet and you can add them as per the plan chosen in the Registration
  • You are provided a standard list and you add or remove items at will from this list based on your offering
  • Choose to Approve the order or give an additional Discount to your Customers easily before delivery or pick-up.

Each sale is now on a digital platform. The seller can then introduce a khata system where loyal customers receive store credit. You can also check analytics to understand how your business is going. The app also has integrated features for payment reminders and ready for pickup notifications.

Once the decision is made – to move from bricks to clicks, it’s just about choosing the right platform for setting up your online or mobile store!

The year 2020 saw unprecedented circumstances and businesses were forced to innovate or close down. Those who chose to innovate and keep up with the demands of the time – survived. Technology has always been an enabler for forward thinking businesses and in tough times technology enabled businesses to stay afloat. Well, Lokaly has been one such technology solution that enabled local businesses to keep going in times of crisis. It enabled them to keep in touch with their customers, engage with them and more importantly allow users to make purchases and place orders online. In a world where distancing has become a good thing, Lokaly managed to not only help businesses survive but some of them even thrived.

Lokaly keeps adding new and innovative features to help businesses further their goals. Here are some of the latest updates to the mobile app that stood by you when the world was locked down.

We are happy to announce some of the new features:

  • Add multiple store managers: Now, with Lokaly, you can add multiple store managers and assign them roles to manage the store more effectively. Any changes made by one manager can then be seen clearly.
  • Add delivery boy to a store: Businesses can assign separate delivery boys to different stores on the app. It just makes managing deliveries simpler.
  • Create a new combo for restaurants: New features have been added for restaurants who are on Lokaly. They can now create new combo offers and manage them within the app.
  • Schedule delivery for customers: The deliveries can be scheduled for customers according to the orders.
  • QR code feature: Users can quickly scan the QR code and need not have to remember details.
  • Customized dynamic offer creation: Restaurants or local businesses can create customized offers and improve their customer experiences.

With new features rolling in, businesses can upgrade their app and install the new updates and leverage from their benefits!

Local businesses are the ones that took the initial hit of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Restaurant businesses especially thrive on the number of customers that walk into the door. The situation demanded that businesses make themselves more accessible to customers and serve their needs. This is only possible by offering easy ordering services, safe distancing and online payments and such features that keep customers in touch with your business.

Setting up a restaurant online and reaching out to customers is the key to keep business afloat during times of crisis. Lokaly is one of the online spaces where local businesses such as restaurants can quickly setup shop and begin serving their customers.

With Lokaly, restaurants can:

  • Create an online food ordering system and reach out to customers with their latest menu updates and food inclusions.
  • You can update special offers and discounts too.
  • Quick price update and quick customization as per your business needs.
  • The UI is user friendly and adds to the user experience.
  • You can update combos, bestsellers, enable users to find various cuisines and get restaurant list by selecting cuisines.
  • Reorders are possible too
  • Pickup and delivery of food is made easy.
  • Users can even rate and review a restaurant

When it comes to hyper local businesses such as restaurants, trust plays a very important role and restaurants can benefit by taking charge of the situation and keeping customers well informed about their opening hours as well as their newly added online food delivery services. Customers to understand and trust a familiar name and it will help you not only keep your existing customers, but also create an entirely new avenue for customers to come flooding in – the mobile way!

Get your restaurant online instantly with Lokaly!

Language does connect people and Lokaly believes it. Lokaly connects the local Businesses to their Customers to easily and quickly order items from their stores. Lokaly is available in local languages so that you can deliver a personalized experience to your Customers. Having access to the app in Customer’s native language makes them feel comfortable and more convenient with the brand. Customers can easily choose the preferred language and take advantage of all the amazing features of Lokaly.