What is a White Label Solution?

As a rule, this term relates to the products or services that were designed and approved by an enterprise, so that it could be sold to a business concern. Company B has the right to use the product or service under its own label.

Lokaly – White Label Platform

White label solutions are products or services created by one company that is offered by another under that company’s own distinct name. Lokaly is a fantastic platform that gives and offers white-label services to its clients with multiple advantages. It offers Aggregator Model and Single Brand Store to the customers.

Lokaly Storefront Customization

If you’re looking for a platform to configure and customize the seller side of a white-label product, Lokaly is the place to go. Below customization and configuration you can do in Lokaly Storefront:

  • Own Product Catalog
  • Platform Colors
  • Banner Changes of Homepage for festival or season
  • Offers & Discounts banners in Homepage
  • Storefront appearance (Look, Style)

Why Lokaly as a Partner!

Lokaly, as previously said, provides a wide range of features and customization on a single platform. When you get everything ready, you will have more time to look at other platforms. Lokaly will soar to new heights and can assist you in rapidly expanding your business. Lokaly is recognized as a multi-vendor platform, a business solution, a storefront setup, storefront modification, and one of the leading producers of e-commerce white label solutions.


Lokaly can assist you in quickly setting up and managing your goods on one of the largest platform. For a more interactive look, Lokaly offers plenty of themes and festive season offers. Additionally, once you’ve registered with Lokaly, managing your account, customers, and online orders is a breeze. If you want any extra information, please contact us to acquire your white-label solutions. Partnering with you will be a pleasure for us.