As smartphones become more accessible and high-speed internet is no longer a premium infrastructure in many countries, users are now directly connected to the internet. This easy access to the internet has given a boost to mobile shopping. Many brands are hence embracing mobile commerce on top of the eCommerce platforms. Shopping apps with easy to browse catalogs are becoming more and more popular.

The emergence of mobile commerce changes how brick and mortar businesses operate. It’s important to note that mobile commerce growth is steadily increasing hitting an estimated $284 billion or 45% of eCommerce at the end of 2021. The mobile payments market is also catching on. This means that the likelihood of people making mobile purchases on their smartphones is also huge.

Wide audience

The sheer number of mobile users is reason enough to motivate businesses to embrace eCommerce and introducing mobile shopping as a part of their sales strategy.

Enhanced user experience

Use experience is one of the main reasons for increased conversions. Various technologies can be used like AR that makes shopping experiences more immersive and interesting.

Customer support availability

With the aid of a chatbot and messenger app, business owners can support their customers even outside business hours. Customer support bots have grown in intelligence and intuitiveness making these bots more efficient in dealing with common queries.

Variety of payment methods

Customers have a number of payment methods when it comes to M-commerce. Whether it is a conventional credit card or PayPal, it can be integrated into the mobile store.

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With the entire world owning some or the other kind of mobile devices, businesses cannot afford to not have a mobile strategy. Mobile shopping is definitely becoming popular by the day and most businesses are reaping the benefits from going mobile!

When the whole world literally came to a halt in 2020, but rather than causing any destruction in the retail world – it provided a boost to this industry in the online world. The entire volume of retail growth reallocated to the E-Commerce channels, which enjoyed an 18% bump in total growth. This growth cannot be accredited solely to the pandemic. The world has seen steady progress towards the online for well over a decade. In the aftermath of a year filled with social distancing and quarantines, the retail industry looks to emerge as a changed entity. Let’s look at what the future holds for the E-Commerce industry:

Voice commerce will catch on

Voice commerce uses voice assistants such as Alexa or Siri to give shoppers a hands-free shopping experience. In a world of contactless and social distancing, voice shopping will be a great addition to E-Commerce.

New demographics will embrace this trend

Voice commerce has enjoyed success in the E-Commerce industry. However, COVID-19 has disproportionately affected the older demographics, as they are required to adhere to strict quarantine measures. But they still need groceries and essential items. This will encourage the use of E-Commerce solutions and hence the use of voice commerce.

Increased socialization with E-Commerce experiences will be expected

E-Commerce has undoubtedly been a life raft for many who were stuck at home. It’s probably been the only surviving tool. Although it is very convenient and quick, – at its core it is a very impersonal experience. E-Commerce and voice commerce will find its applications for enhancing online shopping experiences.

AR shopping to emerge

E-Commerce has become a significant retail channel. Technology does not stay static for long. Modern devices with advanced capabilities will enable a lot more AR functions. AR is one of the technologies that will be a game-changer for the E-Commerce industry in 2022.

Predictions cannot be 100% accurate, but it’s true that 2022 with set the stage for new and advanced features that will take E-Commerce experiences to the next level.

Dashboards are essential admin tools that help you keep on top of everything that’s going on with your online store. They display all the data in a visual format that makes it easy to get a glimpse of everything that matters for your store.

Lokaly has an extensive dashboard with information on your orders, payments, overdue, customers, modes of payments and lots more.

Here are a few things you can check out instantly on the Lokaly dashboard:

Lokaly Statistics – This gives you the numbers that indicate the number of stores you have in this marketplace, the total items, and the earnings. At a glimpse information of all these give you as owners a good understanding of where you stand as far as your store is concerned.

Order statistics – The order statistics offers useful information about the total number of orders that are pending, those that are currently running, those that are completed, and even those that are cancelled.

Payment modes – payment modes tells you which customers have paid by which methods. The methods available are:

  • Add to credit account
  • Cash on delivery
  • Online payment
  • Card on delivery

Order count by the hour – This section offers you with the information such as the order count, amount and items count.

Credit account – A credit account can keep track of the store credits that have been offers and to whom and also tells you which payments are overdue.

Last orders – These statistics tells you the last few orders that were placed with your store.

With a dashboard, you can monitor and measure your business performance by tracking data points and gives you valuable insights into everything that you need to know. This gives you data to base your future business strategies on.

Lokaly is a ready-to-use marketplace where local businesses and departmental stores, grocery stores etc. can take their store online within a few clicks. Recently, we implemented this solution for a US based grocery store for delivery service to their local customers.

The client was able to take grocery delivery to the next level via a website and mobile app to give their customers the convenience of shopping south Asian groceries online.

The solution also provides fast and contactless payments which are a need of the hour.

Lokaly offers a white label solution which is completely re-brandable and customizable too.

Here’s what grocery stores can do to make it their own:

Branding – With Lokaly, customers could create an online store – complete with products, colour palette, logo, currency options and a lot more re-branding options were added. The customer could add all their branding and personalization elements easily to set up shop online.

Quick to launch – Lokaly is a ready product with excellent features to help businesses who wish to go to market quickly. Rather than spending months on the development of an eCommerce platform from scratch, Lokaly offers departmental stores and grocery stores a ready-to-use and ready-to-launch platform. Businesses can instantly upload products and begin selling!

Completely customizable – Although Lokaly is a ready-to-use platform, it also offers a means to customize features as per your business requirements.

Despite the pandemic and the lockdown that shut down the whole world, client saw an opportunity that could enable them to keep in touch with their customers. Creating an online presence instantly enabled them to take their grocery store online.

Lokaly has many such successful implementations. To understand more about our products and services you can drop us an email at or call us at +91 79 40007881 and our experts will be happy to help you with your requirements.