White label software comes as monthly or annual subscriptions. They are mostly available under the SaaS model. The seller company brands the model and offers it to clients and users as their own. Important tips for choosing the right software are given here.

  1. Decide on the type of software
  2. White label Design and programming Products: web design products, website builders, and web app design programs fall under this category of software.

  3. White label marketing software tools
  4. They range from lead generation tools to social media management, SEO tools, PPC tools, and reporting tools.

  5. Be on the same page
  6. Look for shared values and beliefs in partner agencies. Successful partnership build-up depends on smooth interchange and exchange.

  7. Consider the services provided
  8. Be aware of the range of services you can access and how they integrate with your needs. Look for systems that allow direct communication in your name and on your domain.

  9. Logo on reports
  10. Telephone conversations, online chats, and reports all carry your logo although they come from the parent agency.

  11. Plans for client interaction
  12. A conference bridge plan provides a neutral interaction space without revealing contact numbers.
    Direct calling plan offers a special contact number customers recognize as a company service number though managed by the parent agency.

  13. Confidentiality
  14. Ensure contractual obligation to maintain confidentiality during the contract and beyond. Look for a no poach clause.

  15. Trained professionals
  16. All client interaction comes from the parent agency. There is no scope for outsourcing such interaction. Only trained professionals employed by the parent agency are involved in client interaction.

  17. Extended non-disclosure
  18. Professionals involved in client interaction are under the same non-disclosure contract as the agency.

  19. Referrer blocking
  20. Brand protection needs referrer blocking systems to be put in place. Browser level blocking prevents source tracking. This ensures no trails are left for analytics to pick up.

Lokaly is a ready-to-use marketplace where local businesses and departmental stores, grocery stores etc. can take their store online within a few clicks. Recently, we implemented this solution for a US based grocery store for delivery service to their local customers.

The client was able to take grocery delivery to the next level via a website and mobile app to give their customers the convenience of shopping south Asian groceries online.

The solution also provides fast and contactless payments which are a need of the hour.

Lokaly offers a white label solution which is completely re-brandable and customizable too.

Here’s what grocery stores can do to make it their own:

Branding – With Lokaly, customers could create an online store – complete with products, colour palette, logo, currency options and a lot more re-branding options were added. The customer could add all their branding and personalization elements easily to set up shop online.

Quick to launch – Lokaly is a ready product with excellent features to help businesses who wish to go to market quickly. Rather than spending months on the development of an eCommerce platform from scratch, Lokaly offers departmental stores and grocery stores a ready-to-use and ready-to-launch platform. Businesses can instantly upload products and begin selling!

Completely customizable – Although Lokaly is a ready-to-use platform, it also offers a means to customize features as per your business requirements.

Despite the pandemic and the lockdown that shut down the whole world, client saw an opportunity that could enable them to keep in touch with their customers. Creating an online presence instantly enabled them to take their grocery store online.

Lokaly has many such successful implementations. To understand more about our products and services you can drop us an email at info@lokaly.in or call us at +91 79 40007881 and our experts will be happy to help you with your requirements.