Mobile devices have become the go-to solution for all information gathering and almost all activity today. PWAs challenge Native app downloads that eat up memory space and slow down devices. They combine the benefits of native apps and web pages making information gathering and acting on the information fast and secure.

Easily downloaded to both mobile and desktop screens, PWA are quickly available and accessible both online and offline. This adds to their appeal. Here are some reasons to invest in PWA now.

  1. Combination of native apps and websites
  2. PWAs consist of several websites. They work on search browsers and offer API integration. They provide immediate access to sites and load fast. Simultaneously, they permit push notifications, have full-screen functions, and can be saved to the home screen.

  3. Offline use
  4. PWAs are free from connectivity breakdown issues. Their service workers at as middlemen storing and downloading information last entered.

  5. No app store needed
  6. As PWAs run across multiple platforms, they eliminate the need for developing different apps for different operating systems thereby decreasing cost. Once stored on the home screen, they appear on devices. Automatic update is an added feature of PWA.

  7. Easier to locate and use
  8. PWA are discovered by search engines without prompts to install native apps and register on them. This makes browsing faster and easier.

  9. Can be linked and shared
  10. As they are like websites, sharing PWA links is possible through messenger services and link sharing. Saved as bookmarks, it is possible to share them on social media.

  11. Memory consumption avoided
  12. As they are saved and stored on home screen, they use up virtually no memory on mobile devices. This increases user engagement.

PWAs are increasingly revolutionizing the emerging app market and disrupting the industry.